The diary of Ikarus Owner. Let me say somethng!


Hello and welcome to my private blog (or blogue) here on our website IkarusBusClub!
As you may know by the title, everything here is dedicated to Ikarus Bus trade mark. We still treat Ikarus as an example of the best design of public transport, especially series 200. I’m sure you know 200 Ikarus series as on of the most widespread bus type through the entire world.

Nowadays we can still observe type 200 of Ikarus but mostly during special events related to transport history as nostalgic vehicles. However some rare examples are still in service.

My name is Jeff Stevens and I’m one of private owners some examples of Ikarus type 200 including 256.50VL and rare type here in Russia Ikarus 266.

Truth be told, I have already purchased even more fascinating models of series 200, but I prefer keeping calm about them until I feel the moment I should introduce them to all of you.

Jeff Stevens is the founder of Ikarusbusclub and owner of Ikarus Busses

It's acually me!

My first Ikarus 256.50VL I bought in 2018. By that moment I had been keeping The_time_of_Ikarus public in the most popular Russian Social Media for over 10 years. I learned a lot about Ikarus busses. I also learned a lot about driver work and mechanic work from my friends in the company where I did my internship. My actual work isn’t connected somehow with Ikarus or with busses at all, so it was difficult for me to become an Ikarus owner that time. However I became!

Jeff Stevens next to his Ikarus 256.50VL in year 2021

My first purchase - Creamy Ikarus-256 1990

Later I found a transportation company providing bus city tours and long distance trips (of course we don’t use Ikarus busses for that!).
My Ikarus 256 stayed with me as a huge toy or as dream materialization, but no more!

Jeff Stevens behind the wheel of his Ikarus-256.50

Driving Ikarus-256 is quite enjoyable amusement!

In 2020 I took part in popular in Saint Petersburg Vintage transport fest (They call it “Retroparade”). This is quite interesting event for everyone who is a fan of vintage cars, busses and motorcycles. Many people get together in order to ride down centrals streets of Saint Petersburg as a parade column and then exhibit in the downtown.

Ikarus 256.50VL in 2019 on Retroparade SaintPersburg Transport Fest

Starring Ikarus-256.50VL

However in the same year when I bought 256.50VL a sister had been found for my Creamy Ikarus. The sister was even more unique example of series 200 the real Ikarus 266 type! This type never supplied in Russia or USSR as an official import vehicles. After USSR collapse in 1991 many second-hand busses flowed into Russia including Ikarus types or modifications which had never been produced for Russia before. My second vehicle, Ikarus-266 was the one of those illegal aliens and came in Russia after service in Zala Volan (May be you know this unit as a BSK-948)! So now it is in my garage which is a garage of Ikarusbusclub!

Ikarusbusclub.Ru Ikarus-266 in 2021

I truly enjoy this bus!

Jeff Stevens actually enjoys his Ikarus 266 bus

I like it so much!

Some recovery procedures should be done to return it back to work. It all costs money so I don’t do it as fast as I’d like.


It still looks okay, as I think

The Ikarusbusclub web project was released in 2019 as a place where people can learn a lot of new from the global history of Ikarus. I’ve started a Youtube Ikarusbusclub channel where you may find something interesting about owing Ikarus busses and dealing with them (Be careful! There are many obscene languages on my Youtube channel. However you can see only fictional character there which is actually not me but played by me). Unfortunately until this moment I didn’t have any English versions of our project and now I’m going to fix it. Let’s start with my Ikarus owner diary and than we’ll do something more roller coasting.

Ikarus 256.50VL from Ikarusbusclub.Ru

If You Try To Interfere, this Becomes A Much Simpler Matter!

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